Upcoming Events in 2020

Dear Sisters due to the current Government decision to classify Church Meetings as non-essential and shut down all church gatherings over the Covid 19 pandemic we will not be able to have a Women with Faith Meeting in June 2020. We are praying about an afternoon on the 17th of October and will wait on the Lord. Please e-mail or phone me if you would like CD teaching provided freely.
May the grace of our dear Lord Jesus Christ be with you all
affectionately in Jesus


Piety maintains all that is due to God in the circumstances in which we are found.

The World would want to teach us to grasp after worldly gain. God teaches us that piety with contentment is great gain and the world knows nothing of that gain! Our everyday life can seem a series of small things and God does not despise the day of small things. Piety, that is, Godliness is simply bringing God into all things and when God comes in, that changes us and we find despite the circumstances we find ourselves in, we have contentment and true peace of mind that knows how to depend on God. The Believer finds her self in this world, but not of it. This world searches in vain for what will satisfy; hearts ache for the simple life, for what is true. But they will not have what God has provided that they might find real contentment. The Believer has the unspeakable gift of Jesus Christ . Possessing what is really life she learns from Jesus that simple secret of equanimity. Godly contentment is learned in the school of faith. It is not acquired easily, but through testing exercise of soul, through loss, through selling up what we thought we needed, through a determined following after our dear Lord Jesus Christ. But when found, even for a moment, it is wonderful, because to be perfectly content in Abba Father, is to be like Jesus.

Let’s be encouraged together in Christ, Sue

Women's Bible & Prayer



Every Monday afternoon 1pm—2.30pm @ 33 Formby Road Devonport
(except public holidays)

Currently reading through Isaiah.

Feel free to drop in any time you are able to attend. It is a very relaxed time of sharing around God’s Word.