We love God because He first loved us. God demonstrated His love toward us in that while we were still sinners Christ died for us. We are commanded to love the Lord our God with all our heart. Our first love for God is to be tended, kept responsibly hot. Our hearts must be wholly for Jesus or the truth is, we are apostate.
The last days are marked by lukewarm hearts for Jesus and a strong trend to compromise with the world, all in the name of LOVE. There can be a lukewarm heart that is careless toward Jesus and His people and with this turning away from God and forsaking the assembling of ourselves together we know ground is given both to the flesh life (what is called the old man, the fallen nature of the first man) and spiritual deception. Man’s opinion then so easily becomes more important than God’s Word.
But the Gospel tells us Holy Spirit has come. And it is through Holy Spirit convicting of sins and God’s gift of faith and repentance in Jesus Christ our hearts are adjusted, saved from this crooked and perverted generation and we learn what is right, what belongs to Christ.
Nothing is real except what God has established in Christ.
Embracing the Gospel of Jesus we find what is needed to guard our hearts and we can stand preserved in what is really life.

Loving God and loving you   Sue



Thank you

Please invite your friends and family and ask them to register as well.

Things to Note:

Women and Children

You and your children are welcome at Women with Faith. The sheep and the lambs feed together.


Wear comfortable warm clothes and bring a rug if you feel the cold.

Men's Support Team

Friday set-up time and/or the Saturday opportunity to serve the Lord. Please contact Sue.

Music Ministry

Anyone who would like to sing in the choir or play an instrument in the band please contact Rosie Stapleton:
0438 261 031/ h 6426 1031
(any age welcome, it is great time of fellowship)

CD Bible teaching

from this afternoon and other topics are available. Freely given, please ask to be on the mail out list. 


'Love Offering' on the day


Please bring a plate/s of food suitable to share for the Luncheon. Thank you.


sprinkled with praise, prayer & items

10:00am Welcome
Singing and Praise
        with Rosie Stapleton

Where to Start with your Heart
+ Share in Communion + Worship
        with Sue McTurk 

12pmish Lunch
(please bring food to share)

1:00pm Singing
        with Rosie Stapleton

All Things are made New
        with Gaylene Saunders

Is the King in Residence?
        with Jeanette Sinclair

2:30pm Afternoon tea

3:00pm Understanding Love
        with Sue McTurk 

4:00pm Prayer Time
Home we go hearts full of God's love.


My heart is fixed O God,

My heart is fixed :

I will sing,

Yea, I will sing psalms.

Psalm 57:7