Conversational Bible Workshop
Rightly dividing the word of God

Sue McTurk will look at the big picture of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.
Reflection on the grace of God and the trial of man.
This Bible Timeline will open your hearts to the revelation of dispensational truth and how it shows us the sovereign mercy and wonderful salvation of our God
October 19th 1-4pm
33 Formby Road Devonport Community Church


My Children always loved the Bible Timeline and still do.
Bring your little ones along to learn to delight in God’s Word. Blessings Sue

Car Parking at 33 Formby Road is available just before Caltex Service station, just beside the Church area, next to Wise employment and in Turton Street. Lord willing John will be there to direct you. If you need help please ring John 0459087082.
Please bring some food to share for afternoon tea. Many thanks.