The Heart Vision 


  1. Encouraging women to seek help from God for life’s problems. Acknowledging God’s provision alone is the only thing to rescue and satisfy souls. God’s provision: Like the Apostle Paul, we are separated to the Gospel, that means Adam man has been weighed in the balance and found wanting, he is not only depraved, but totally so, and without divine intervention and the mercy of God, Hell will be his destiny. There is nothing to be salvaged from that man either in behaviour or goodness - we believe in the all sufficiency of Christ to meet each need, the infallible authority of God’s Word, the comfort, guidance and unction of Holy Spirit, the love and care of Abba Father and the company and fellowship of the Church of the Living God in practical application and divine function. We believe there is no system or program needed in the care of souls. Instead, it is the very life of Christ in every believer bearing fruit and bringing each to maturity through the Word of God, the work of Holy Spirit and the fellowship of the saints. Col 2:6-10

  2. Encouraging an appetite for the ‘meat’ of the Word and the blessing of the application of it in everyday life. 2 Tim 3:16&17 

  3. Providing an opportunity to stir the brethren up to love & good works. Heb 10:24&25, 2 Tim 1:6
  4. To spread the Gospel of the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ Rom 1:16-17
  5. To encourage the Saints that Jesus is coming again soon 2 Thessalonians 4:17&18, Rev 19&20
  6. To trust God to supply everything we need to serve, to walk by faith Heb 11:6, 2 Cor 5:7, Eph 4:16 ( this includes the challenge
    to see God provide financially for all we do and thus not charge for events or materials but rely on the love offerings and support of all the Saints)
  7. To shine as a light on top of a hill and glorify our Father in Heaven. Matt 5:13-16, Eph 4:4-16, Acts 2:44-46

Foundation Principles to cling to in the life of the Ministry

  1. That it is known that those in leadership believe that Jesus Christ is God and Head of His Church, that it is He who leads the work; in all things He is pre-eminent. That we acknowledge that it is Christ’s love that constrains and compels our service and it is He who brings us to our Abba Father and enables us to love each other no matter what. We know we are His people and we are first called to love Him and our reasonable response to this revelation is to tend and feed His Sheep till we see His face.
  2. Grace reigns amongst us and the love of God rises above our sins. We endure as family of God, bearing all things for the sake of the elect. We foster and allow growth in an atmosphere of love. Desiring only that all grow in the knowledge of Christ.
  3. We determine to be separated from evil, particularly to be preserved from false doctrine and the influence of man’s opinion and false teachers in the ‘great house’. Thus, we rely on the Spirit of God for discernment and to enlarge that which is of Christ to us and guide us in this way.
  4. To this end and for all else we stand firm on the Word of God, reading it, teaching it and by the grace of God living it.
  5. We contend for the faith and fight for ground for Christ that the ministry may remain fresh, healthy and alive.
  6. We lean on the care and wisdom of divinely appointed oversight for discipline, accountability, encouragement and protection in all matters and pray for humility to submit to Godly headship as a witness to heaven and earth. We acknowledge God’s creative order and are mindful of the true liberty women experience in this light. 1 Peter 5:2, 1 Corinthians 11:1-16, 1 Tim 2:8-15
  7. As the nature of the convention and any related activites of the ministry are inspirational, leaders should not be determined by theological expertise but we function in the knowledge that the unction of believers empowers them to assess, evaluate, assimilate and purge what is not of Christ and retain and enlarge what is. So we do not rule over each other’s faith but share in each other’s joy!

encouraged together in Christ

Sue McTurk